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Programs 'N' Classes

Rhythm ‘n’ Ruach specializes in sharing Jewish values, instruments, and music with children through adulthood. Family music classes are geared toward all ages and stages, whether you're 2 or 102! Each week, you and your child will explore a brand new instrument, a new Hebrew word, and both will be singing, dancing, and drumming to the rhythm of both Jewish and secular music. Research has shown that ​music has been considered an anchor in keeping people connected to their cultural identity. At Rhythm 'N' Ruach, we are here to spark your 'pintele yid' (Jewish flame) - Jewish Identity. Trained Rhythm ‘n’ Ruach facilitators introduce songs that you will remember from your youth as well as brand new music, giving the whole family a joyfully Jewish experience!

*please note our Hebrew Word of the Day is always a three letter word: not always the root word, but to teach the sound, not the spelling. 

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